How to make young children independent?

How to make young children independent

“Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.”

Independence is not age-related, it starts with the very beginning of our life cycle. The sooner we instill the idea of independence for our children, the better their future life is going to be. Independence starts with the most little things, like planning what to wear. Even when the kids don’t have a basic understanding of things around them, if you ask for their choices, eg, if you ask them to choose between two sets of clothes and choose the one that they want to wear, that is where the basic idea of independence starts for the kid, from as early as when they are toddlers.

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There are various reasons why you used to introduce Independence in young kids, few are below:

  1. Gives them a sense of fulfillment:  Even when the kids are not aware of the idea of independence, in their subconscious minds, this notion gives them happiness. When a child is allowed to make his/her choices, it gives them a sense of fulfillment. It makes them believe that they are capable of doing things and their choices are being respected.
  2. Boosts their confidence: When children are allowed to make independent decisions, it helps in a great way in boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Suppose you ask your child if they want to eat beans or dal for dinner, and if you actually give them what they decided upon, this small act will pay a great way in making that child believe that they are capable of doing things correctly. Always start this habit right from the beginning, this is going to come in very handy in the future.

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There are also various ways through which you can inculcate the idea of Independence in your children, few are below:

  1. Give them age-appropriate tasks: Whatever age your child is choose to give them activities that someone of their age can be expected to do. However, you should be there with your child in case your child needs any help in completing that activity. You don’t have to be a helicopter parent, you need to be a silent spectator, who will be there to help if needed.
  2. Be encouraging: One of the most important steps in making your child independent is, you being encouraging and supporting of your child. When children are learning new things they are bound to make mistakes, however, if you reprimand them for the same, it can act as an inhibitor in their growth. So, always encourage your child when they are trying to be independent and doing jobs on their own.

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  3. Choose safe surroundings: It is very important to be aware and cautious of the surroundings in which you are teaching your child independence. When you give them tasks, make sure that those tasks do not entail any serious risks. The tasks should always be age-appropriate and under proper adult surveillance. When you even choose a school and pre-school for your kids where a major chunk of independent activities will be taught and come into practice, make sure you do thorough research. If you are looking for a safe school in Panchkula, that has a lot of activities focused on making their students independent, then Gurukul Schools in Panchkula is the answer for you.

– Happy Parenting!

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How can Music help young students?

How can Music help young students- Gurukul school

“If music be the food of love, play on!” Thus said, Shakespeare.

Music isn’t just the food of love it is an important part of the diet of all our lives. Music helps us activate our three-dimensional thinking and helps our brain function more proactively. Music is not just a passion or liking, if music is introduced to children at a young age, it can act as a booster of their brain development and thinking abilities.

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There are a lot of ways, music can help your young children, let’s see how:

  1. Makes communication and Imagination better: Music plays a key tool in expanding the neural networks of the brain of your child in their growth years. Better brain development helps in the overall growth of the child. Children who are introduced to music at an early age are better at communication skills and thinking abilities than children who are not aware or are not introduced to music. Gurukul School in Panchkula makes sure that the students in their school are introduced to music from an early age so the kids are acing in future.Also Read – How to Find the Best CBSE School in Panchkula?
  2. Helps in better motor development: Music acts as a great source in facilitating motor development of the brain. Children with an affinity for music perform the basic tasks better and they even have better mind-body coordination than the other kids. Music acts as an effortless tool that makes the development better while also being something that the children enjoy. While other tasks and activities that we make our kids do could be cumbersome and exhausting, music is one tool that the children enjoy and love associating themselves with.Also Read – Mobile safety tips for youngsters
  3. Gives them a sense of belonging: Children at a young age always look for something to associate themselves with, an association with music, can be a great way to give them a sense of belonging. It will give them a sense of happiness and individuality. There can be no better way than music to instill the sense of belongingness and individuality that can really help in shaping their personality as young adults.
  4. Helps with their planning skills: Young children when they start associating themselves with music, become better at a lot of other skills that may not be directly associated with music. A happy child will perform better and grasp things better than the child that is being forced to learn things. Music association uplifts the overall mood of the children. It can help your child be happy for a longer run.Also Read – Why are Arts and Crafts important in a Child’s Life?
  5. Great Career Option: When we introduce children to music at a young age that is not to instill a passion for music but to help with better brain development and keeping them engaged and happy. It can act as a blessing in disguise, if your child, finds a connection to music and develops a passion for it. In the twenty-first century, there is no place for stereotypical career options. If your child finds a connection to music then it will be an added bonus for your child that he/she started their music practice at a very young age.Also Read – Helping Teen Decide What to Do After High School

For young children, there is nothing like music that can help in giving a sense of fulfillment and boosting their self-confidence. If you are looking for a school in Panchkula for your child that will not just impart education but have a curriculum that aims at an overall development, Gurukul School in Panchkula is the place for you.


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Various Stages of School Education In India

Various Stages of School Education In India

With changing times education has become as important as food in our daily lives. It ain’t a luxury or just a choice anymore, it is a necessity. It becomes highly crucial that we are well informed and educated before we finalize the school for our child. This blog will give you an overall perspective on school education in India.


In India, basically, school education is segregated into four groups:


Kindergarten:  As the name suggests, it is the first step that a child takes when beginning his/her education. This step focuses more on making the child adept with the school environment. It helps the children to develop a habit of spending time away from their parents for 4 to 5 hours. It follows the proverb “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” In some schools, it is known as Montessori, while in most of the schools it is known as L.K.G (Lower Kindergarten) and U.K.G (Upper Kindergarten). It is based on activities that help in the cognitive abilities of the child, also helps in better functioning of motor and sensory receptors of the brain.

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Primary School:  In earlier days when Kindergarten importance was not known in India, the primary was the first stage of the school education system in India. Primary classes I to V i.e. classes one to five. This is followed in the majority of states of India. The curriculum followed in these classes is for making the students aware of the primary subjects like English, Maths, Science, Geography, Social Studies, etc. These subjects form the base for the future studies of the children. It also makes sure that the children have basic knowledge of the world we live in and are aware of the same.   


Middle School:  Classes VI to VII come under secondary education in the Indian education system. It elaborates and details the curriculum that was followed in the primary. It branches out the subjects, to begin with, basic streams that the students are going to choose in the secondary stage. Science segregates into Physics, Chemistry & Biology, Maths into Algebra and Arithmetic, Social Studies segregates into History, Civics, and Geography. It sets the founding stone and gives students the time to be comfortable with the subjects and curriculum they are going to follow in the upcoming classes. It is also a safe space for the students to develop an interest in the subjects that will be helpful for them to choose better in the future.

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Secondary School: Classes IX and X are categorized as secondary school. This is the stage where the students give their first board exam. There are state boards and then there are two nationwide followed boards, CBSE and ICSE.


Senior SecondaryClasses XI and XII are categorized as senior secondary in the Indian education system. In this final stage, students have chosen their respective streams that will help in their higher education. It can be science, arts, commerce, etc. Class XII is the second board examination that the students of India take. Post senior secondary students register themselves for college i.e Undergraduate.


If you are looking for a good school for your child in Panchkula, Gurukul is the best place for you.

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Benefits of enrolling your child in a CBSE Board School in Panchkula

Benefits of enrolling your child in a CBSE Board School in Panchkula

Deciding on the school for your child is one of the most crucial decisions that a parent has to make these days, and just deciding on the name of the school isn’t going to win the battle for you. We are living in a very competitive world these days, each decision that we take for our children has to be made with great precision. It is majorly our decisions that will shape the future of our children. So, not just the school, even the education board that is being followed in the school should be a deciding factor before finalizing one. These days other than state boards, there are two boards that are majorly followed in schools, CBSE and ICSE, where CBSE stands for Central Board for Secondary Education, and ICSE stands for Indian Certificate for Secondary Education. When we come to think of it, CBSE is a choice that gives hope for a better future of the children. When children come from cities like Panchkula, sending them to a CBSE school in Panchkula is a must.

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Here are a few advantages that your child can leverage if you send them to a CBSE school in Panchkula

  1. Way more Options: CBSE board does not limit the potential of the students. Therefore its curriculum is based on finally curated points that make sure that a child’s full is unleashed. From learning guitar to being a mathematician. CBSE makes sure that your child can cover all. There are no strict subject options. CBSE does not believe in stereotyping students’ subject choices and with changing world when the time comes for your child to finally choose their electives, you don’t know how experimental they will get. Would you want to limit their potential?
  2. Majorly Accepted: Unlike other boards, CBSE is majorly accepted in nearly most of the states of India. Not only should this assure you that your child is studying the right board, but you’ll also don’t have to worry about your transfers or school changes of your child, because this is a board that you will find nearly everywhere.
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  3. Very Helpful with competitive exams: Most of our children study since the beginning of laying founding stones for the competitive exams in their future. When preparing for competitive exams, CBSE Board comes in very handy since the pattern of questions based on competitive exams is basically followed by CBSE Board. So when preparing for competitive exams in the future, your child won’t have to switch between studying for two boards. CBSE board will make sure that it covers all.
  4. Holistic Development of Students: CBSE Board doesn’t just believe in mugging up subjects. It bases its curriculum in such a way that the child has a holistic development. They know about the world and earth around them, not just bookish knowledge. CBSE board makes sure that the students are ready to take on the world head-on!
  5. Students are the first priority: CBSE board makes sure to put students on the top of their priority list when deciding the curriculum or the exam structure. They make sure that studies should not become a burden for the students. They want their students to have fun while they learn. This makes the learning more effective and long-lasting.

So what are you looking for, find the best CBSE school in the Tricity and enroll now!

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How to Find the Best CBSE School in Panchkula?

How to Find the Best CBSE school in Panchkula

Schools are always named as the Home away from Home, therefore finding the best school for your child becomes a crucial decision. School is the first place that a child spends most times after his/her home and as they grow up, they spend more time at school while they spend at home. It is a place where they learn their values and principles that form a major role in what they grow up to become. A place that adds a personalized identity to them where they are known as their names and for themselves. So, before finalizing the best school for your child, here are a few points you should keep in mind:

  • It should have a safe environment: You would always want your child to go to an environment where your child feels safe. When a child feels safe, all aspects of the child’s personality are allowed to grow in full bloom. Knowing that your child is in a safe space will give a great sense of relief to you too. 
  • Should be Value-based: It is not just the course that you should look for when finalizing the school of your child. A child’s personality is formed by a lot of things. It is very important that at the right age, good values and principles are imbibed in the children so they remember it for the long run and become better human beings. Gurukul school in Panchkula is a perfect example of a school that is in tandem with the modern world whilst holding on tightly to its roots.
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  • Should be an option based: A lot of children stick to just one school till class 12th, therefore while you pick a school it is important that you also enquire about the options available for higher classes in that school, so in future, your child doesn’t have to switch school because a certain subject wasn’t available.
  • Sports should be given importance: These days students don’t just want to study, they want to experiment and try their luck at almost everything. It is in childhood that our love for sports begins. So when you look for schools for your child, try and find a school that pays attention to sports as well. This way you won’t have to send your child to multiple places for sports separately. If you are looking for private schools in Panchkula that pay attention to sports, Gurukul is the best option for you. 
  • Faculty should be best: Students are only as good as their teachers, therefore faculty is the most crucial scrutiny that you should do when finalizing a school for your child. When teachers are good, children look forward to going to school, and learning is made fun of. Concepts are made clear very quickly and you don’t have to arrange for separate tuitions for all subjects too. This way the child gets proper time to rest, exercise, and study and therefore strikes a healthy balance.You can read also – Why are Arts and Crafts important in a Child’s Life?

So, if you are looking for the best CBSE school in Panchkula, Gurukul school is an option that checks all the criteria and is the perfect place for your child.


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Why are Arts and Crafts important in a Child’s Life?

Why are Arts and Crafts important in a Child’s Life?

“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else”  – Sydney Gurewitz Clemens.

As much as arts and crafts are not given importance in our education system, as important, it is in the growth of a child. Arts and crafts let children express themselves like no other form can. It gives them individuality and helps them understand better. It sets children away from boundaries, it is the most fun form of learning that a child can have. Here are a few points that will help you understand why arts and crafts are important in a child’s life:

  • Helps with better mental growth: In the growth years of a child, it is very important that they are made to do activities that will help with the development of all parts of the brain. Arts and crafts activities help with better functioning of cognitive abilities and motor receptors of the brain.
  • Boots Confidence: Arts and crafts are places that are least judgemental, so when a child tries a hand at art and crafts and they create something, it instills a great sense of confidence in themselves. Confidence is a factor that plays a major role in our life in the longer run, therefore what is a better way than arts and crafts to boost confidence in your children. If you are looking for a school in Panchkula that pays importance to arts and crafts as well as an academic curriculum, Gurukul School has mastered the art.You can read also – The Gurukul – Good CBSE Schools in Panchkula (Tricity)
  • Makes them Creative: Arts and Crafts is a great way to introduce the idea of creativity to your children. It lets children become creative and make a world of their own. When children learn to be creative it also gives them problem-solving skills and makes them more independent. Children who have done arts and crafts in their childhood grow up to become adults who are more confident and independent.
  • Alternate Career Option: In the 21st century there is no one strict formula to succeed in life, you can be successful at anything you put your heart and soul into. Introducing a child to arts and crafts in the initial years is a great way to test the areas of interest. Children with special talents are identified in the crib itself, so it is very important to introduce your child to arts and crafts. Gurukul school in Panchkula has a curriculum that is very beautifully curated keeping in mind the balance between studies, sports, and arts and crafts.You can read also – 10 ways guardians can help children adjust to high school

In the olden days, sports and arts and crafts were considered to be a waste of time, but such is not the condition today. The 21st century has opened the doors for everyone to succeed, you just have to be the best at it. To be best at something it is very important that we start our practice at the earliest. Therefore picking a school for your child that not just focuses on studies but focuses on co-curricular activities as well as arts and crafts opens the gate of unlimited potential. When students study in such schools, the sky is the limit for them. If you are looking for such a school for your child in Panchkula,
visit Gurukul School today!

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Mobile safety tips for youngsters

Mobile safety tips for youngsters - Gurukul school

How to make sure your Youngsters are safe with their mobiles?

With the changing times and an exponential increase in digital frauds, you must inevitably be concerned about the safety of your young children while using mobile phones and in the overall digital space. In today’s scenario, mobile phones are a necessary evil that invariably every parent has to provide their young children with. It has become such an important part of our lives that no matter how much you try, you just can’t do without it. So to make sure that your children are safe and responsible while using mobile phones, here are some tips that might help:

  1. Keep a Check: This might sound like being a helicopter parent, but when done judiciously, it can come across as a very effective tool. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your children are safe in the digital space, therefore, you should keep an eye on what your child is doing in the digital space, and if you come across any red flags, have an honest conversation with your child about it.
  2. Explain about the threats of digital space: No matter you much you try, you can’t always be there to make sure that your children are safe with their mobile phones and are making the right choices. Speak and share with your children that how disastrous these online spaces are and invoke a sense of responsibility among them. Explain to them on how if acted responsibly this can act as a boon for them, however, a slight misjudgement can land them in great jeopardy.
  3.   Importance of Passcodes/Pin: Just like our bank accounts, these days our cell phones are, loaded with information that is much more valuable than cash. It is very important that we keep the confidentiality of our mobile devices our top priority. You need to explain it to your child that they should keep their pin and passcodes extremely confidential and not share it with anyone, not even the people they consider their confidants.
  4. Difference between Private and Public: Mobiles phones are loaded with social media sites, and young children are at such impressionable age that they believe they need to do everything that their peers are doing. Children should be taught on what can be shared on social media and whatnot. You should tell them how one wrong share can be extremely dangerous, explain to them boundaries that need to be set while using social media.
  5. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing: Often children are given devices that they are not equipped to handle, therefore you need to make sure that you thoroughly take our child through the whereabouts and the workings of the device. They should be adept in handling properly the device that they are dealing with. Not just explain the child, before handing over the phone to your child, give your child some tasks to perform on the mobile phone, and once you have full faith that your child has become a phone ninja, go ahead and give it to them.

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10 Ways Guardians can Help Children Adjust to High School

10 Ways guardians can help children adjust to high school - Gurukul school

Gaurdians helping kids settle in High School

As swift as the transition from dusk to night similar is to going to High School, sooner than you know you are going to be an adult but in your head, you are still a child. It is a difficult time both for the parent and the child as they both are going through a lot of changes. For parents, their baby bears don’t behave like babies anymore whereas, for the children, they believe their parents should start taking them seriously, which they don’t. This time seems like a rollercoaster ride, however, if dealt with properly this can be one of the fun roller-coasters that you enjoy a lot.

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Here are 10 ways how Parents/ Guardians can help their children adjust to high school:

  1. Be there:  As simple as this phrase, as difficult it is to implement it. You have to find a perfect balance between not prying and being a step away when your child needs you.
  2. Prepare them:This might be a time when your kids might be throwing tantrums and making you feel like you aren’t wanted, but, you are needed the most at this time, to prepare them for the outside world.
  3. Talk to them:When the kids are growing into young adults, you have to find ways to talk to your child, where your child feels that he/she isn’t being lectured upon but also gets the gist of what you are trying to communicate.
  4. Discuss school with them:Once you start discussing school with your child, it will be a gateway for you to know how your child is adjusting to this new life and how can you help.
  5. Share your stories:Nothing like making your children feel that you understand what they are going through. Make sure to share honest stories, stories through which your children can feel connected, not the ones singing praises of high and mighty.
  6. It’s a phase:When we are in a transition phase, everything feels different, and we feel stuck. It is a time when your experience can come in handy for your child. If your child can understand that it is natural to feel out of place at the moment, but gradually it all settles down and it all starts making sense, they might have a great sense of relief.
  7. Strengthen the value system:It is the time to cement the bricks of values and principles that you grew up your child with. Your child is at a highly impressionable age at the moment, so you have to make sure that you have taught your child well enough for him to flow with the wind while keeping his/her roots intact.
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  8. Create bonding exercises: Be it game a football or cooking a meal together, you should start a bonding exercise with your child which acts as a relaxing and bonding time for you and your child.
  9. Be a friend: The time has come when you have to switch gears from being a parent to a friend for your child.
  10. Be you: No matter what anyone else tells you, your gut knows what’s best for your child.
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Helping Teen Decide What to Do After High School

Helping teen decide what to do after high school

It’s not about making the right choice.  It’s about making a choice and making it right.” – J.R. Rim

Similar is the time right after high school when we feel that the most important decision of our life needs to be taken now, we believe that this decision has the power to make or break our future. Whatever occurs in our life from now on will be a result of this decision.

Now the question pops, Is this decision really that important, or do we just make a big deal out of it?

In our Indian culture education plays a major role in our day to day lives and also of our upbringing, we see since childhood our parents’ sacrificing all their dreams and desires for the sake of providing us with good quality education, therefore it is inevitable that we feel burdened, as what we need to do post-high-school.

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In the earlier times, this was a decision solely based on the parents, but now both the parent and the child need to be equally involved to make a conscious and just decision. There was a time when people believed that only Science or Commerce stream are the two options that can give children a bright future, but today the list is endless. There are so many options post our high school that we can go for and make a mark in that particular field.

However, before making these decisions there are certain things that you should ponder upon:

What interests you the most? This is a very crucial question that both parent and child must keep in mind before deciding what to do post-high school. You should never choose a field or an area of study just because you received “good marks” in that field. You should always ask yourself if this is something that you can see yourself doing in the long run. Does this interest you, captivates you?

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What are your strengths/ weaknesses?

This is a very important step in deciding what to do post-high school. There is a test called the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis that helps every individual in making a rational decision. There are times that we might actually be at something but we ourselves are not aware of it. The SWOT Analysis helps in the very best way dig deep and find out the hidden and making the best choice.

Make a sustainable choice

Sustainability is the pillar on which every important decision should stand. A sustainable choice is made by keeping in mind not just the present but the future as well. It is a decision that makes sure that your present as well as future is secure and well taken care of. When you weigh your options always look at the future prospects of those options.

Happiness is the key!

However crucial these life decisions are, your happiness should be at the heart of everything you do. When you are happy at something that you do you invariably do well at it and it doesn’t even seem cumbersome. These days whatever field you choose you to have innumerable options in the same, therefore being happy with what you choose is of utmost importance.

When you analyze all the above factors, you are all set to make the best decision on what you need to do post-high school.

All the best.  

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Is Technology a Boon or a Bane for Young Students?

Is technology a boon Or a bane for young students?

Technology: Boon or Bane for young Students

Had this question been asked two or three years ago there would have been a lot of pros and cons for this question, however, the past year has changed the entire narrative on which this question hinges. This has become a very one-sided question that fairly tilts towards one side.

Before the pandemic, technology was always seen as a sword that needed to be balanced very judiciously. Parents were always cautious and contemplating how much seeping of technology into their child’s life is good for them. There was always a debate on whether technology is doing more harm than good. Needless to say, post the advent of technology the world has taken a shift of entirely three-sixty degrees, but during the pandemic, technology emerged as a greater boon than bane. Imagining a world without technology in the covid times is horrifying.

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It is all credit of technology on what was supposed to be a break year of major students and children’s from their studies, it kept them connected and helped them complete their curriculum as well. It was with the help of technology that students were connected to their schools and were studying too. It was a strange time, however with the help of technology, young students could deal with it with a little less difficulty.

Having discussed the benefits of technology in the past year, we can’t ignore the fact that this time has increased the usage of technology among young students by many folds. With the increase in usage, they have become adept at handling technology with much ease, at times they know things that their parents aren’t even aware of. There needs to be a check to make sure that children are putting technology to good use. Young students are at a very impressionable age, it wouldn’t take seconds to change the boons of technology to bane.

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Here are a few things that you can do to make sure young students are making good use of the excess of technology that is at their disposal:

  1. Keep a Check: This does not mean that you have to constantly pry of your children, but you should be aware of what your child is consuming digitally. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your child is making the right decisions.
  2. Use Parental Control: No matter how much you try you can’t always be at the top of what your child is up to. A lot of digital devices and apps provide the feature of Parental Lock where you can limit what your child consumes digitally. This way even when you are not around you can rest assured that your child can only engage in content that is appropriate for his/her age.
  3. Communicate with your Child: Even when you try your best to make the technological use the most beneficial for your child, there are going to be times when your child will come across stuff that the child might be curious about and who is best enlighten that curiosity than you. These communications will not just help in the better development of your child but will also make you his/her confidant.

Happy Parenting!

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The Gurukul – Top Ranked Schools in Zirakpur

The Gurukul - Top Ranked Schools in Zirakpur

They said that “Education is the Passport to a brighter tomorrow” and indeed they were correct. India is a country with 1.2 billion-plus people and to stand out from this crowd requires one to be extremely well nurtured and groomed. The Gurukul is the Top Ranked School in Zirakpur and a top-ranked school in Chandigarh’s nearby areas.

Gurukul believes in the traditional Indian education system and has amalgamated it with the latest trends and evolution in the sector to offer the best in class infrastructure, pedagogy, and academics making gurukul the top-ranked school in Zirakpur.

Gurukul through its consistent efforts and continuous evolving strategy has ensured that it stays at the top of the list when it comes to the best school in zirakpur. Being Zirakpur’s top school, Gurukul is known to offer only the very best to its students.

Gurukul believes in the holistic development of a kid not limiting it to academics. We support the kids with the opportunity to nurture his or her talent through sports, music, art, and craft, and other novel fields which give the kid a 360-degree perspective of life making them not just good students but also making them great human beings and giving them the required degree of freedom to find their innate talent, after all, it can be said without an iota of doubt that “Every Kid is Special”. The kids and parents reciprocate by making gurukul one of the top-ranked schools in zirakpur.

Being a top-ranked school in zirakpur, Gurukul offers students the latest cutting-edge methods of teaching such as Online Classes, Back-up Classes, Doubt clearing Sessions, Teaching through audio-video interactive tools, and various e-Learning modules. Our teachers are extremely well-trained in utilizing an extremely wide library of e-learning resources which enable the kids to memorize the concepts in a manner that stays with them for a lifetime. Our able teachers coupled with the administration’s support make gurukul the top-ranked school in Zirakpur and proudly makes us Zirakpur’s top school.

Our record in producing meritorious students in landmark exams, Olympiads, and other scholarship exams is impeccable and we are known to have delivered on our promises consistently. We are Zirakpur’s top-ranked school on that front as well and it has the best record in this space as well.

Zirakpur’s Top school – Gurukul also maintains an extremely high level of student-teacher-parent communication. We believe that to produce the best outcome, the school sits in the epicenter of the triangle with Teachers, Students, and Parents at the vertices. We ensure that parents have complete and full oversight about their kid’s performance and areas of concern so that corrective measures can be deployed.

Gurukul is the best school in zirakpur also because it offers career counseling sessions to kids assisting them in choosing the right career to pursue and be successful.

All the factors mentioned above and more make Gurukul – the top-ranked school in Zirakpur, and if you are looking for the best for your child, Gurukul is the answer.

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The Gurukul – Good CBSE Schools in Panchkula (Tricity)

The Gurukul - Good CBSE Schools in Panchkula (Tricity)

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel,” said Socrates, and that is what The Gurukul believes in. We do not just aim at educating our students we strive to create individuals who make a knowledgeable country and add to the intellect and put India on the world map. Gurukul which is, without doubt, the best school in Panchkula was founded by people who are visionaries and legendary of the field. It was founded with a dream of not just providing quality education but also inculcating values and principles in young individuals that they grow to become responsible and dutiful citizens of the country.

Whenever we talk about good CBSE schools in Panchkula, the name of Gurukul always tops the chart. It is because we at Gurukul are consistent and tenacious at what we do. We make sure that we are in tandem with the current technologies while also not having the compromise with the values and principles that help us make a well-rounded individual that makes India proud globally. We have always moved forward without forgetting our roots.

What makes Gurukul the best CBSE school in Tricity, is the fact that Gurukul believes that each child is unique and is born with limitless potential, with adequate batch sizes and amazing faculty we are able to harness the true potential of our students, that is why our students are best at what they do and recognized globally. While we impart education to our students we also keep in mind that we are making ready a future global citizen, therefore our school is laced with all the modern types of equipment and the current education trends.

The world-class infrastructure of the Gurukul is yet another feature that makes it the best CBSE school in Tricity. We want our students to experience world-class facilities and be hands-on with the current technologies. It is not just the books that our students excel at, students at Gurukul master their hobbies and passions and become champions of their field. We keep our focus on the holistic development of our students that makes them well-rounded individuals. We make our students environmentally conscious and instill the concept of sustainability at a very young stage. When such responsible and dutiful students bear the flag of the Gurukul, it undoubtedly becomes the best CBSE school in Panchkula.

All in all, Gurukul is not just a school, it’s a home away from home for our students. They experience world-class infrastructure and learn from the experts of the field while being highly safe and secure. A school that has been constantly proving its expertise when it comes to being the best CBSE school in Panchkula. A school that treats its students as its own children and wants nothing but the best for them. A school that makes sure that when its students move out of their school, they make their school and nation proud, wherever they go.

So, if you are looking for the best CBSE school in Tricity, Panchkul, your search ends here.
Enroll your children in Gurukul today!!

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The Gurukul – Best Kindergarten, Play Way Schools and Pre Schools in Panchkula

The Gurukul - Best Kindergarten, Play Way Schools and Pre Schools in Panchkula

“Out in the garden each fine day, with my ball, I like to play”, such is what every child wants to at such a tender age. Toddlers are always looking for fun and mischief, it is the age when nothing other than play is on their mind. It is at this crucial age when parents have to think about how to add learning along with their play, this is where Gurukul is the best kindergarten in Panchkula. At Gurukul, we try and make learning fun in the most exciting way, because we understand that the growth years of the toddlers lay the foundation of their life ahead.

In today’s highly competitive world it is very important for parents to start strategizing the life of their children at a very young age while also being mindful of the fact that the child is able to grow and learn at his/her own pace. We at Gurukul believe that each child is filled with unlimited possibilities and we just have to channelize and provide the correct direction to the children. It is in these early years that we sow the seeds into our kids and that is what they grow up to become. We let our children choose their own paths and develop the individuality that segregates them from the crowd.

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In these formative years, children need tender love and care and that is exactly what gurukul kindergarten school in Panchkula provides. A healthy and safe environment, with activities that focus on the development of sensory, and motor neurons of the children’s body. The activities that are planned for the kids in Gurukul kindergarten school in Panchkula are formed with great research and a thorough understanding of what’s happening around the world.  We want the toddlers of Gurukul kindergarten school in Panchkula to be ahead of everything right from the beginning.

Another very important aspect of a playschool is they are always a stepping stone to formal schooling, at gurukul kindergarten school in Panchkula we make sure that our students are best prepared for their new journey. At Gurukul we make sure that at such tender age we target our focus on the holistic development of our students, so they can grow to become well-informed and eco-conscious individuals.

Amazing teachers are also an aspect that makes Gurukul the best kindergarten in Panchkula. Our teachers are very well equipped and experienced to handle toddlers and under their behaviors and provide the best solutions. Our teachers go through rigorous training to make them the best available that is there for your kids. Gurukul helps young toddlers to begin a journey that will take them to new heights where gurukul kindergarten school in Panchkula acts as a stepping stone for these young minds.

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So, if you are looking for the best kindergarten in Panchkula, your search should end right here. Pick Gurukul, the best kindergarten in Panchkula, and send your child to the world of unlimited possibilities. Enroll today!

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The Gurukul: Top Ranked Secondary Schools in Panchkula

The Gurukul: Top Ranked Secondary Schools in Panchkula

Education is the first step for people to gain the knowledge, critical thinking, empowerment and skills they need to make this world a better place.Nelson Mandela.

Education is the only hope that we have that makes our future better and sustainable, this is the foundation of The Gurukul – Top Ranked Senior Secondary School in Panchkula. Gurukul believes education in the formative years of a child shapes the entire foundation of what that child is going to grow into, therefore laying the proper steps and guidance for the young adults of our country to follow is extremely important.

Integrity, discipline, and Honesty are the pillars on which the Gurukul secondary schools are built. They do not just provide world-class education, but they also make sure that the students of their school get an overall exposure to the core values and also their importance. Gurukul secondary schools in Panchkula believe that education is not just limited to books that is what makes them the top-ranked school in Panchkula.

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Gurukul secondary school is a place that gives a three-sixty degree approach to the growth of the children, with world-class infrastructure, best teachers, best study materials, giving personal attention to every child is something that helps in the overall holistic growth of the children. Children grow up to become citizens who are responsible and will leave a mark wherever they go in their life. Another exceptional feature of Gurukul secondary schools is the amazing teachers that the school provides, we have teachers who are best at their subject and have proven expertise in the field because we want our students to be learning from the best. When students learn from the best teachers they become the best version of themselves.

Gurukul secondary schools make sure that proper care and attention is given to each and every individual because we at Gurukul believe that every child is special and has some hidden talent and if given proper direction and guidance they can become the best in their fields and amazing human beings. We make sure that our classrooms are not stuffed with students that can make it crowded, we make sure that we have small batches so that we can pay proper attention to each and every student.

We at Gurukul secondary schools make the security of our students our utmost priority. We understand when parents send their children to schools, they have the utmost trust in the school, so as to send their children. We have world-class security measures in our school, because just like parents, while students are in school we make them our own responsibility and make sure they are safe and feel secure in the school.

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All in all, if parents are looking for the top-ranked secondary school in Panchkula, then there is no better choice than Gurukul secondary schools. Don’t wait, world-class facilities and best-in-class education await your child. Don’t waste any more time, admit your child today!

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Working words into composing

Working words into composing

Choosing the right words while composing a sentence can make your writing more powerful and impressive. There are myriads of ways that may help you improve your vocabulary and expressions to the extent of perfection with the regular practice of few months.

To make your sentences more clear and easy-to-read, you need to put efficient word composing techniques, which you can adapt by following these 5-important ways:

Choose active voice over passion voice sentences

When it comes to composing sentences, language experts prefer to choose passive voice instead of active voice commands.

For example, which sentence looks easy to read or clear to understand?

Active Voice: Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar, Gujarat.

Passive Voice: Porbandar in Gujarat is a place in India where Mahatma Gandhi was born.

Use minimal technical terms

If it is not necessary, do minimize the use of technical terms or explain basic information about the same. For instance, if you are reviewing a motorcycle with a ‘Fuel Injected’ system, you must explain the basic working of the same, which is an electric fuel supply system that increases the mileage as well as the performance of that motorcycle.

Make pronouns clear

Romeo was standing at a shop with his friend – Mark, and he asked the shopkeeper to give him a chocolate. Now, we are not clear to whom the shopkeeper should give the chocolate, Mark or Romeo. We must specify or clear the pronouns while making sentences.

Romeo asked the shopkeeper to give chocolate to his friend – Mark. With this sentence, the reader has cleared the doubt for whom Romeo is asking chocolate from the shopkeeper.

Do not put non-relatable content to make it look lengthy or well-explained

Most people put some non-relatable matter in their content when they are short on words after completing the same. Remember, if you want to make your content as impressive as it was before, you need to find relatable matter to add proper sense to it.

Find a conclusion

As you can see that all these points will be worthless if you do not give the right direction to the readers to make their writing effective and powerful.

Here, the conclusion refers to regular writing practice with clear thoughts in your mind. Each word that you write in your content must be sound appropriate in your ears and mind, and that’s how you will make effective writing possible with regular practice.

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Incredible Visual Storytelling Techniques to Remember

Incredible Visual Storytelling Techniques to Remember

The better the storytelling technique, the better will be outcome or impression of your story. Storytelling is not a usual capability or talent that everybody can have. It is something special and learnt with practice over time. Though it is considered a natural talent in some people, it is a kind of perfection that comes after a long and regular practice by following some tips and techniques.

Storytelling allows people to visualise the whole story in front of their eyes. If you are not a good storyteller then your story may sound bore or uninteresting to your listeners.

In order to gain some good storytelling qualities, you must opt for these incredible storytelling techniques mentioned below:

Make a clear structure

Your story should have the perfect beginning, middle, and right conclusion. It must be running in the right direction of climax or satisfying resolution. Also, additional insights can be put together to create more interest and engagement.

Use instances of your personal experiences

Using real-life experiences and crafting them into narratives is another important part of impressive storytelling. It helps you to make your story more clear and interesting to your listener.

Engage your audience through interesting examples

When you are explaining something to your audiences, you better put some great real-life examples to make your topic or story more understandable and clear.

Follow good storytellers

To become a good storyteller, you must follow good storytellers who already are famous for their wonderful storytelling style. You can also spend your time watching interesting shows like TED Talks, where you get multiple ideas to craft narratives and engagingly telling stories.

Accept Conflicts

Accepting disagreement is not a sign of a bad storyteller. Nicely crafted stories may have some obstacles like conflicts and hardships due to little in-between interferences and disagreement by listeners. Only regular practice and deep observation can eliminate this conflict barrier away.

Come to the core objective of your story

Most of your stories must end with a clear message or resolution. The story is to be told in a way that the objective must be cleared to the listeners or your audiences.

Like the school’s staff put its efforts to improve the academic performance of the students, Gurukul’s teachers also work on improving skills in extracurricular activities.

All of Gurukul’s students take part in numerous extra-curricular activities to discover their hidden potential and talents to contribute to the betterment of the country and society.

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Should we worry about handwriting?

The Gurukul teachers had given very much importance to handwriting since its existence because they understand the value of good handwriting in our daily jobs. Regular assessments and feedback on handwriting keep students active and aware of the value of beautiful handwriting.

What if a handwritten application is delivered to a teacher, but your teacher does not get the matter inside the application due to bad handwriting. Take another instance that you have given some exam recently but the checker is frustrated with your bad writing and she/he is not able to understand what you have written in many places. In that case, there is a high probability that the teacher or examiner will cut on points or marks for your bad handwriting.

Many reasons clarify why you should worry about your handwriting, no matter what profession you are into. Especially students must take care of their handwriting as they are frequently involved in making notes and giving academic exams.

Look at these reasons to understand the prominence of handwriting:

Helps you get good grades

A student can leave a positive impact on the examiner’s mind and makes the written matter more meaningful and clear, which can lead to getting better grades in your exam. Bad handwriting or if it is not clear to the examiner, can result in getting good marks or grades.

Makes you a better note maker

Good handwriting becomes the reason to be a better note maker. As notes are preferred every time you are engaged in your study or preparing for assessment, your writing should be clear and easily readable.

Handwriting activates your brain better than typing on a computer

It is a fact that your brain engages more complex motor skills while writing on paper than typewriting. It helps you memorize whatever you are writing on a paper, which ultimately helps you to prepare better for your upcoming exams and assessments.

It develops better communication between writer and reader

Bad handwriting may weaken communication between writer and reader; hence it can lead to downgrading the value of the matter written in a document.

Improves your image

Filling out different forms, writing a message on a greeting card; handwriting plays a very important role to build up your character and image in front of others. People with good handwriting have a better image in front of their friends, teachers, colleagues, or seniors.

Our daily practice of making every letter readable and visually appealing is the only key to improve our handwriting. It’s guaranteed that you will see a huge difference in your handwriting when you will be writing every letter with the consciousness of making it better.

The Gurukul teachers had given very much importance to handwriting since its existence because they understand the value of good handwriting in our daily jobs. Regular assessments and feedback on handwriting keep students active and aware of the value of beautiful handwriting.

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Develop Critical Thinking in Students

Develop Critical Thinking in Students

There is a huge difference between normal and critical thinking. Critical thinking leads to grasping better and accurate knowledge about anything you wants to know. It helps students to clear concepts in a better way.

Critical thinking is about asking the right questions after analysing and evaluating the topic of argument or discussion. It is not about finding flaws in things that other people’s claims. It is more about coming to the right or the most refined conclusion.

Why is it necessary to develop critical thinking in students?

Critical thinking will be the most needed skill for every student in the near future. Whether they want to become an entrepreneur or a scientist, critical thinking will be playing the most essential role while achieving goals.

Here are five reasons that will prove how critical or logical thinking must be developed in students:

Works with all-types-of-learnings

Be it academic or sports, critical thinking in students help them to learn and counter real problems in every field. The logical approach or critical thinking makes them fluent to come to the right conclusion of the problem or solution.

It improves their creativity

Creativity and logical thinking are interconnected as both are concerned to deliver the perfect or the best solution for the given problem or task. Evaluating a situation or project from different perspectives surely improve the level of creativity in a student.

Promotes autonomous learning

Autonomous learning refers to self-studying or learning things by self, which is equally important to attend classes in a school. Critical thinking helps students to make self-learning more effective and fruitful to clear concepts in academics.

It is necessary to improve grades

Percentage of marks and grades play important role in students’ life. It motivates them to keep up doing good work with a logical and creative approach.

It is necessary to clear concepts in minimum time

It can make you frustrated when you give ample time to a topic or concept to understand and still not clear in your head. When you keep working on logical and critical thinking, you start noticing that things are getting improved when it comes to understanding different topics and concepts.

Remember, a country grows when real talent and the right approach come into existence in that country. And developing critical and logical thinking is the only way to take to the level of including into the list of superpowers.

Through a dedicated and logical approach, The Gurukul School is continuously working on developing and improving critical thinking in its students. The school’s dedicated staffs of teachers are highly concerned to develop logical approach in its students to deliver true geniuses to our country.

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The Gurukul School: Impact of covid 19 on private school

The Gurukul School: Impact of covid 19 on private school

The Covid 19 pandemic has left its impact on every sector causing the lives of students to take a  180-degree turn. It has affected a large number of students across states, classes, caste, gender, and region and has stolen a platform for study from many. In India, the lockdown has forced the shutting down of schools, and the decision of shifting traditional classrooms to digital platforms isn’t pleasant for all. It has created a huge learning inequality among children and has divided them into groups that ace in technological effort and those that have trouble in using the basic technology. It has also pushed a large number of children out of school due to the digital divide, which is further increased because of the low income in poor households in such times.

The pandemic mainly has demerits when one is referring to the covid 19 impacts on the school education some of these include;

1] Increase in income gap – While some private schools have gained a lot of extra money and time in this situation many have seen hard times. Quite a lot of teachers have lost their jobs and those with low digital knowledge are still suffering.

2] Increase in cheats; though this might look good and a relaxing idea to most children, it has a  detrimental impact on their future lives. Knowing the easy way out of passing, children tend to forget the importance of gaining knowledge and ignore their studies this makes it hard for dedicated teachers, and schools are affected as none of their children knows to survive in the tough world. It  gives a negative impact of covid -19 on school education

3) Lack of sources:- There has been a negative impact of covid-19 on school education as mentioned earlier, economically poor and unstable households can no longer support their child’s studies, leading to the continual vicious cycle. This has led to an increase in dropout rates impacts the schools’ funds.

4] Lower understanding; Even a child with all sources, and time isn’t in the best condition.  Online studying and no physical interaction make explanation harder. A lot of time is spent making the students understand, which indeed a tiresome task is. The impact of covid-19 on high school students, they don’t have a deep understanding of the topic.

5] Distractions; Online platform also introduces students to various distractions like YouTube or other browsing sites. This causes trouble for school as students remain unfocused. Some stubborn children often do mischievous acts making the functioning of the normal schedule hard for the school.

Hence, schools are indeed having a huge impact and a hard time in the times of this pandemic. The most important impact of covid 19 on high school seniors was the low education level day by day. Other than learning, the shortfall of tutoring would likewise have a dependable impact on the wellbeing and nourishment of youngsters also.

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The Gurukul School impact of the covid-19 pandemic on kindergarten

The Gurukul School impact of the covid-19 pandemic on kindergarten

Kindergartners typically acquire abilities significant for the remainder of their schooling; an expected 450,000 kids may miss the evaluation this year.

Of the multitude of students who endured learning misfortune during the Covid-19 pandemic and far-off tutoring, one evaluation level has instructors extremely concerned: the kindergartners.

the Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on kindergarten, the world has been restlessly sitting tight for it to end. While overseeing vulnerability and lockdowns, educational committees have needed to change from face-to-face and homeroom settings to offer web-based learning.

In this past difficult year, feelings of anxiety in numerous individuals have expanded. Supporting children’s self-guideline is one focal point of kindergarten instruction, including Gurukul kindergarten school which is the best kindergarten in Panchkula.

Numerous Indian guardians feared getting back to distant learning the previous fall, however, they did it in any case, clutching any expectations of returning to grounds sooner or later during the school year.

Following are the impact of covid-19 on kindergarten

Difficulties in growing individually: preschool school begins for the most part in the period where a  youngster began to develop its correspondence skill. these abilities can’t be educated for all intents and purposes as it is essential to direct how the kid is developing independently.

Short attention span: the Impact of covid-19 on playschool, Kids or children at this age have limited capacity to focus. they couldn’t adhere to one spot for more than 5-10mins.

Covid-19’s Impact on Kindergarten school

However, A impact of covid-19 on the student of India those whose kids were simply entering kindergarten, the choice to resolve to remove learning was a far harder decision: Children a 5-year old before a PC screen for a few hours daily requires steady oversight, specialized help and wheedling, a difficulty for some, working guardians, especially fundamental laborers and those shuffling various youngsters.

That first year is so significant. This learning is essential to the remainder of your schooling. At that age, their cerebrums are ablaze. A time of advancement at that age resembles 10 years for us,”

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10 Ways To Introduce Play Way School In Panchkula – Gurukul School

10 Ways To Introduce Play Way School In Panchkula - Gurukul School

No matter how much a child grows up, he or she always remains special to his/her parents. When the child is small, parents make sure to give him the best of everything i.e. education, environment, and everything else to help them enjoy the best time of their lives. A playschool ensures the early development and growth of your little one. Gurukul School is a Play Way School in Panchkula whose curriculum is specially designed to help your little ones grow and learn while having complete fun and enjoyment. Gurukul School is the Best Play Way School in Panchkula and offers the best facilities to its little ones.

Gurukul School – Play School in Panchkula

Known as the Best Play Way School in Panchkula, Gurukul School offers a safe and secure environment to your little ones and makes sure they don’t miss home while in school. It’s easy to find a play school in Panchkula, but it’s difficult to find a playschool that focuses on the overall development of your little one. It’s childhood where your toddler learns a lot about his/her surroundings.  We at the Best Play Way School in Panchkula all about it and make sure that your toddlers have the best time.

Play Way School in Panchkula – Gurukul School Admission Process

The Gurukul School Admission Process is a simpler process and just takes some of your time in getting completed. We value your precious time and therefore make sure to keep the Gurukul School Admission process short, simple, and sweet.

Gurukul School, Play Way School in Panchkula, holds expertise in training and teaching toddlers for the life that is going to come in front of them. You will always hear the parents of the Gurukul CBSE School saying that Gurukul CBSE School is the best play way school near me and they are completely satisfied with the way we are nurturing and gearing up their little ones for the future.

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Best kindergarten school in zirakpur – Gurukul kindergarten school

Best kindergarten school in zirakpur - Gurukul kindergarten school

Are you somebody who resides in the Zirakpur region and is searching for the Best Kindergarten School Near me, then Gurukul Kindergarten School is the best choice for you. Dating back to the 19th century, the term Kindergarten is made up of two words – Kinder and Garten. Here Kinder means children and Garten means garden. Our Kindergarten in Zirakpur aims to provide Kindergarten toddlers with basic learning and knowledge in the way of fun and other enjoyment activities.

Gurukul Kindergarten School – Best Kindergarten School Near Me 

Speaking of Gurukul Kindergarten School as Kindergarten School in Zirakpur, we take all the required measures to support the health and ensure the safety of our little learners. We understand the concern of our toddler’s parents and hence always make sure that your little pieces of heart are safe with us. Our school is in a surrounding that is safe and all the teaching and non-teaching staff is completely dedicated to ensuring the safety of all our children and students.

Kindergarten School in Zirakpur

Several parents look for a Kindergarten School that is nearby to their place. For all those parents who reside in the Zirakpur region, our Kindergarten School in Zirakpur is the best search result you will get when searching for the Best School Near Me on Google or Kindergarten Near me. Gurukul Kindergarten School in Zirakpura promises to give your child the best education and learning experience amidst all the enjoyment activities they do in school and promises to keep them safe and sound.

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Get the best preschool in Panchkula – Contact @ 9876612300 (Gurukul Pre-School)

Get best preschool in panchkula - Contact @ 9876612300(Gurukul Pre-School)

Preschool is the part where your children come out of the reserved and loved the environment of their homes and start facing the world and meet new people. When in or around the Panchkula region, you can Get the Best Preschool in Panchkula – Contact @ 9876612300. This number you see is of the Gurukul Pre-School, which imparts pre-schooling education to toddlers and young learners. Being one of the Best preschools in Panchkula, Gurukul School provides little learners with fun learning activities that aim to teach them the basics of life at an early age.

Gurukul Pre-School – Best Playway School in Panchkula

The teachers at Gurukul Pre-School hold expertise in teaching toddlers at Pre-School. From making them learn about balls to help them play with the same ball, our pre-school teachers know all about it. Pre-school is an age where toddlers learn the basics and are full of creativity and enthusiasm to play and play. We develop such activities where they not just play but also learn amidst of performing of all these activities. Gurukul Pre-School, Panchkula, is the best option for all those parents who want their little ones to study in a comfortable environment and don’t miss home and their parents. Not only this, but we also make sure that our campus is safe and our teachers take all the necessary precautions to keep your toddlers safe and secure.

Gurukul Pre-School – Best Pre Nursery School in Panchkula

We pride and feel extremely happy when our client’s parents speak positive words and appreciate the hard work that we do for their little kids. It means the world to us when they speak of us to their friends and relatives as the best preschool near me and give us the title of Best Playway School in Panchkula.

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Why Gurukul is one of the Top Ranked school of Panchkula(Tricity)?

Why Gurukul is one of the Top Ranked school of Panchkula(Tricity)?

Often referred to as the Top Ranked School in Panchkula, Gurukul CBSE School has expertise in teaching children of all ages and classes. We understand the importance of learning and understanding each concept in detail and thus out teachers provide all our children with personal attention. The reason why we are the Top Ranked CBSE School in the Panchkula region is the fact that we aim in providing academic excellence to all our students and work on providing Holistic development to all.

Gurukul CBSE School – Top-ranked School Near me in Panchkula

You would often hear the parents of our students referring to us as the Top Ranked School Near me in Panchkula. We have the best infrastructure for our students to enjoy all things about their school life and learn from the best of faculties. Our world-class infrastructure is developed and designed to support all kinds of academic and co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities play a vital role in developing skills, teamwork, and coordination.

Gurukul CBSE School – Top Ranked CBSE School in Panchkula

If you are looking for Top Ranked School Near Sector 20 Panchkula, Top Ranked School Near Sector 29 Panchkula, or Top Ranked School Near me in Zirakpur, Gurukul CBSE School is the perfect option for you. The school has 4 branches. It has branches in Sector 20, Sector 29, and Zirakpur. For anyone who is in the Panchkula region and looking for Top Ranked School Near Me, Gurukul CBSE School is the best option for them.

Personal Attention is the necessity for helping students to achieve academic excellence. With its safe campus and best of infrastructure, Gurukul CBSE School is the top-ranked school Near me in Panchkula. We have expert and experienced teachers who along with us believe in the concept of learning that extends beyond classes and promotes all-around development.

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Is play way school Still Relevant?

Is play way school Still Relevant

These days, we hear many parents coming up with the same question – Is Play Way School Still Relevant? The Play Way School Method of learning is something that helps your child is growing in all aspects of life. Whether, emotionally or mentally, the Play Way School method of learning is the best any toddler can get. Gurukul CBSE School – the Best Play Way School in Panchkula offers not only academic excellence and behavior skills but ensures the all-around intelligence development of your toddler. We at Gurukul CBSE School – Best School in Panchkula focus on all parameters of development including emotional intelligence. All the activities that are undertaken are designed and included in the curriculum to help develop expression and creative thinking in our little learners.

Gurukul CBSE School – the First Step School in Panchkula

Often referred to as the First Step School in Panchkula, Gurukul Play School in Panchkula understands that Play Way School Education is the most important aspect in a person’s life and thus needs more attention. During this time, the child is new to everything and hence has the curiosity to know each and everything. While searching for a Play School in Panchkula, Gurukul School can be your trusted partner for your toddler’s early days of learning and also the top recommendation under your search of Play Way School Near me.

Best Playway School in Panchkula – Gurukul School

We pride ourselves in mentioning ourselves as the Best Playway School. And, all this is possible because of our teachers who are completely dedicated to imparting knowledge and skills to these toddlers by creating all sorts of fun activities for them. These fun activities make them comfortable in their new surroundings, away from parents, and help them in learning while playing, enjoying, and having fun. Being the first step in your child’s education, parents always refer us with the title of First Step School, Panchkula. We give all our hard work to these toddlers learning and feel happy when our parents recommend it to other fellow parents as the Best Play Way School Near Me.

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Gurukul CBSE School – Best Senior Secondary School in Panchkula 2021

Gurukul CBSE School - Best Senior Secondary School in Panchkula 2021

Are you looking for a Senior Secondary School in Panchkula? A school that gives your child the right knowledge and education. Schools are the most important aspect of a child’s upbringing. They shape the child’s perspective towards various things in life and help influence their power to make correct decisions and the right behavior. Along with a good environment, great infrastructure is also important. Standing tall on 5 unique pillars of qualities, Gurukul CBSE School is the Best Senior Secondary School in Panchkula 2021 that guarantees complete student and parent satisfaction. The reason why Gurukul CBSE School is stated as the best Senior Secondary School is the fact that its students excel in academic, has the best-in-class infrastructure, promotes holistic development, gives personal attention to its students, and has a safe campus and environment inside the school.

Gurukul CBSE School – An Introduction

From having 4 branches to providing the best of world-class education, Gurukul CBSE School, a CBSE Senior Secondary School in Panchkula offers the best to both its students and teachers. Gurukul CBSE School, Panchkula, has four branches named as –

All of the above-mentioned branches have the best of facilities for all the children studying there and that is why is known as the Best Senior Secondary School in Panchkula 2021. If you are in the Panchkula region and that too living in or near Sec 20 or Sec 29, then you can definitely count Gurukul CBSE School as the Best Senior Secondary School Near me. Being the Best Senior Secondary School, Gurukul CBSE School aims towards nurturing students in the best way, so that they achieve academic excellence. Through our ingenious methods of teaching and learning, we make sure that our students get deep and accurate knowledge of every concept that they study and understand thoroughly.

Vision and Mission of Gurukul CBSE School – Senior Secondary School in Panchkula

We extremely believe in the concept of All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and therefore, includes a bunch of extra co-curricular activities in our academic curriculum. This motivates and encourages our children to study with full concentration and enjoy their school life to the fullest. Our vision is the all-around development of our students and thus we encourage the concept of Holistic Development. Our CBSE Senior Secondary School in Panchkula conducts all kinds of activities that shape the mindset and behaviorism of an individual. The teachers at Gurukul CBSE School Panchkula pay personal attention to all its students and make sure all of them are treated equally and score well.

For people living in the Panchkula region, they can recall Gurukul CBSE School as the Best Senior Secondary School near me. Our Best Senior Secondary School in Panchkula 2021 moves forward every day with the vision and mission of providing its students with the best facilities in terms of both education and extra co-curricular activities. We look forward to joining hands with you and providing your child with the best of all.

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Find here Top-Ranked CBSE School in Panchkula – Gurukul School

Find here top-ranked Cbse schools in Panchkula - Gurukul School

Every parent wants their child to study in a school that offers the best of all facilities and makes their child a better person inside and out. Gurukul CBSE School is ranked as the top-ranked school in Panchkula and offers all-around development for your child. Known as the best school in Panchkula, Gurukul CBSE School offers academic excellence and has the best-in-class infrastructure. It is the best schooling option for your child. Gurukul CBSE School, Panchkula, offers holistic development and gives personal attention to all the young learners of our society.

Gurukul CBSE School – Top Ranked CBSE School Near me

Are you looking for a school that makes your child the best and develops them inside and out? Gurukul CBSE School moves forward every day with the vision and mission of providing all its students with the best knowledge and teaches them everything with full knowledge. We try to make every concept as simple as possible so that it is easily understandable. When searching a school in or around the Panchkula region, you would always find Gurukul CBSE School as the Top Ranked CBSE School near me.

Why is Gurukul CBSE School the Best School in Panchkula?

Gurukul CBSE School is one of the top CBSE Schools in Panchkula. This is because of the fact that it strongly believes that each and every child is special and we give our 100% to each child. All our teachers are strongly dedicated to everything they do and give personal attention to all their students. Being known as one of the Best CBSE Schools in Panchkula, Gurukul CBSE School knows and understands the concern of parents regarding their child’s education. Our main aim and motive are to equally share the burden of your child’s education and make them the best human inside and out. We aim to make them more knowledgeable and make sure that their behavioral skills are on point. The foundation plays the most important role in the life of every person and Gurukul CBSE School, Panchkula makes sure that the foundation is strong and your kids are handled with utmost care and protection.

Safety and Gurukul CBSE School

We know that you as parents take your child’s safety as the most important thing in your life and thus make sure that we do the same for you. Being one of the top CBSE Schools in Panchkula, we ensure the safety of our students and make sure they have they enjoy their school life along with full safety. The school has A+ security and the teachers take complete measures to ensure the complete safety of your little kids who are our sincere responsibility.

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