Working words into composing

Working words into composing

Choosing the right words while composing a sentence can make your writing more powerful and impressive. There are myriads of ways that may help you improve your vocabulary and expressions to the extent of perfection with the regular practice of few months.

To make your sentences more clear and easy-to-read, you need to put efficient word composing techniques, which you can adapt by following these 5-important ways:

Choose active voice over passion voice sentences

When it comes to composing sentences, language experts prefer to choose passive voice instead of active voice commands.

For example, which sentence looks easy to read or clear to understand?

Active Voice: Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar, Gujarat.

Passive Voice: Porbandar in Gujarat is a place in India where Mahatma Gandhi was born.

Use minimal technical terms

If it is not necessary, do minimize the use of technical terms or explain basic information about the same. For instance, if you are reviewing a motorcycle with a ‘Fuel Injected’ system, you must explain the basic working of the same, which is an electric fuel supply system that increases the mileage as well as the performance of that motorcycle.

Make pronouns clear

Romeo was standing at a shop with his friend – Mark, and he asked the shopkeeper to give him a chocolate. Now, we are not clear to whom the shopkeeper should give the chocolate, Mark or Romeo. We must specify or clear the pronouns while making sentences.

Romeo asked the shopkeeper to give chocolate to his friend – Mark. With this sentence, the reader has cleared the doubt for whom Romeo is asking chocolate from the shopkeeper.

Do not put non-relatable content to make it look lengthy or well-explained

Most people put some non-relatable matter in their content when they are short on words after completing the same. Remember, if you want to make your content as impressive as it was before, you need to find relatable matter to add proper sense to it.

Find a conclusion

As you can see that all these points will be worthless if you do not give the right direction to the readers to make their writing effective and powerful.

Here, the conclusion refers to regular writing practice with clear thoughts in your mind. Each word that you write in your content must be sound appropriate in your ears and mind, and that’s how you will make effective writing possible with regular practice.

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