Pointers to consider when looking for the best CBSE school for your child

When it comes to your children’s future, you cannot make compromise the quality of education.  Thus, parents always look for better schools where their child can not only learn things but can also grow as a perfect human being. At the early age of the child, there are certain things that they require. This includes good education from a good school.  Are you searching for the best CBSE school in Panchkula? Well, there are many things that come to mind when you start looking for the best school. One of the main challenges of parents is to choose one better school from numerous options. Are you also getting the same problem and don’t know which school to choose? If yes then here is a guide of some important pointers that will help you to select the best school for your child.

Focus on the affiliation of the school

Before you make any decision, make sure to look at the curriculum and affiliation of the school. Is school following NCERT patterns? Are they NCERT accredited schools? Make sure to clear this point before getting your child enrolled in that school.

Look at the infrastructure

One of the important pointers that need consideration is how well the school is structured. Infrastructure helps you to know how well it is in terms of computer labs and outdoor activities. Whether it is about the auditorium or classroom, you need to have a look at all these places as a parent to know more about the school. The school that you are choosing should have state-of-the-art labs for computers ad science.

Team of teachers

Teachers are the founding stone in children’s life as they help them to learn, develop skills, and be creative. Make sure to find out how well they are in making communicating with students. Teachers can make a huge impact on the student in many aspects.  So, you need to find out more about the eligibility and educational background of teachers available in the school.

Are you looking for a trusted and the best CBSE school in Panchkula? If yes then your search ends here as they have been into shaping the future of students since its inception.

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Benefits of enrolling your child in a CBSE Board School in Panchkula

Benefits of enrolling your child in a CBSE Board School in Panchkula

Deciding on the school for your child is one of the most crucial decisions that a parent has to make these days, and just deciding on the name of the school isn’t going to win the battle for you. We are living in a very competitive world these days, each decision that we take for our children has to be made with great precision. It is majorly our decisions that will shape the future of our children. So, not just the school, even the education board that is being followed in the school should be a deciding factor before finalizing one. These days other than state boards, there are two boards that are majorly followed in schools, CBSE and ICSE, where CBSE stands for Central Board for Secondary Education, and ICSE stands for Indian Certificate for Secondary Education. When we come to think of it, CBSE is a choice that gives hope for a better future of the children. When children come from cities like Panchkula, sending them to a CBSE school in Panchkula is a must.

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Here are a few advantages that your child can leverage if you send them to a CBSE school in Panchkula

  1. Way more Options: CBSE board does not limit the potential of the students. Therefore its curriculum is based on finally curated points that make sure that a child’s full is unleashed. From learning guitar to being a mathematician. CBSE makes sure that your child can cover all. There are no strict subject options. CBSE does not believe in stereotyping students’ subject choices and with changing world when the time comes for your child to finally choose their electives, you don’t know how experimental they will get. Would you want to limit their potential?
  2. Majorly Accepted: Unlike other boards, CBSE is majorly accepted in nearly most of the states of India. Not only should this assure you that your child is studying the right board, but you’ll also don’t have to worry about your transfers or school changes of your child, because this is a board that you will find nearly everywhere.
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  3. Very Helpful with competitive exams: Most of our children study since the beginning of laying founding stones for the competitive exams in their future. When preparing for competitive exams, CBSE Board comes in very handy since the pattern of questions based on competitive exams is basically followed by CBSE Board. So when preparing for competitive exams in the future, your child won’t have to switch between studying for two boards. CBSE board will make sure that it covers all.
  4. Holistic Development of Students: CBSE Board doesn’t just believe in mugging up subjects. It bases its curriculum in such a way that the child has a holistic development. They know about the world and earth around them, not just bookish knowledge. CBSE board makes sure that the students are ready to take on the world head-on!
  5. Students are the first priority: CBSE board makes sure to put students on the top of their priority list when deciding the curriculum or the exam structure. They make sure that studies should not become a burden for the students. They want their students to have fun while they learn. This makes the learning more effective and long-lasting.

So what are you looking for, find the best CBSE school in the Tricity and enroll now!

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Is Technology a Boon or a Bane for Young Students?

Is technology a boon Or a bane for young students?

Technology: Boon or Bane for young Students

Had this question been asked two or three years ago there would have been a lot of pros and cons for this question, however, the past year has changed the entire narrative on which this question hinges. This has become a very one-sided question that fairly tilts towards one side.

Before the pandemic, technology was always seen as a sword that needed to be balanced very judiciously. Parents were always cautious and contemplating how much seeping of technology into their child’s life is good for them. There was always a debate on whether technology is doing more harm than good. Needless to say, post the advent of technology the world has taken a shift of entirely three-sixty degrees, but during the pandemic, technology emerged as a greater boon than bane. Imagining a world without technology in the covid times is horrifying.

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It is all credit of technology on what was supposed to be a break year of major students and children’s from their studies, it kept them connected and helped them complete their curriculum as well. It was with the help of technology that students were connected to their schools and were studying too. It was a strange time, however with the help of technology, young students could deal with it with a little less difficulty.

Having discussed the benefits of technology in the past year, we can’t ignore the fact that this time has increased the usage of technology among young students by many folds. With the increase in usage, they have become adept at handling technology with much ease, at times they know things that their parents aren’t even aware of. There needs to be a check to make sure that children are putting technology to good use. Young students are at a very impressionable age, it wouldn’t take seconds to change the boons of technology to bane.

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Here are a few things that you can do to make sure young students are making good use of the excess of technology that is at their disposal:

  1. Keep a Check: This does not mean that you have to constantly pry of your children, but you should be aware of what your child is consuming digitally. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your child is making the right decisions.
  2. Use Parental Control: No matter how much you try you can’t always be at the top of what your child is up to. A lot of digital devices and apps provide the feature of Parental Lock where you can limit what your child consumes digitally. This way even when you are not around you can rest assured that your child can only engage in content that is appropriate for his/her age.
  3. Communicate with your Child: Even when you try your best to make the technological use the most beneficial for your child, there are going to be times when your child will come across stuff that the child might be curious about and who is best enlighten that curiosity than you. These communications will not just help in the better development of your child but will also make you his/her confidant.

Happy Parenting!

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